Many philosophies of arranging denture occlusion; No definitive scientific studies Lingualized Occlusion: Contacts on centered on mandibular ridge minimizes. Lingualized Occlusion. If I had to choose the one thing that’s had the greatest effect on the success of the dentures and partial dentures I construct for my patients. Lingualized occlusion represents an established method for the development of functional and esthetic complete denture articulation. Since its introduction, the.

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With lingualized occlusions, only the upper lingual cusps occlude in the mandibular central fossa. Tooth positioning for lineal occlusions Anterior – No vertical overlap to prevent interference in excursive movements. There is a tendency of shifting of denture bases on the balancing side [ Figure 1b ].

Essentials of complete denture prosthodontics. Five year cephalometric study of mandibular ridge resorption with different posterior occlusal forms.

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This is offsetted by narrowing of the tooth width. J Am Dent Assoc. Concepts of occlusion in prosthodontics: Textbook of complete dentures. The occlusal plane is parallel to the mean plane of the denture foundation. A literature review, part II.

Thus, the teeth are not inclined to form compensatory curves.

If the horizontal overlap is 3—4 mm between the anterior teeth, balanced occlusion can be achieved before anterior tooth contact at maximum intercuspation. Occlusion as related to complete removable prosthodontics. In the right lateral position, the canine guidance disocclude the posterior teeth [ Figure 2b ].

Concepts of occlusion in prosthodontics: A literature review, part II

In right lateral position, only the working side pivot will contact if the path of the condyle on the balancing side is not parallel to the occlusal plane [ Figure 4b ]. The differences in efficiency between lingualized and balanced occlusions and also between lingualized and cuspid-protected occlusions were significant. This positioning directed forces perpendicular to the mean osseous foundation plane. Characteristic of this concept is recording pantographic tracing and transferring it to articulator to eliminate deflective contacts in the posterior arrangement.


The anterior vertical overlap is absent to provide noninterception in eccentric movements. How to cite this article: Lea and Febiger; Received Jun 7; Accepted Jun Lingualized occlusion for removable prosthodontics.

Longualized need to consider all the factors such as biologic, physiologic, and mechanical that favor the stability of the denture base to avoid deflective or excessive forces transmitted to the underlying structures. Contraindicated – heavy occlusal wear bruxism and abrasive diets and for young patients with good ridges. In both situations, a slight compensating occlusal curve will be necessary to achieve continuous posterior contacts anterior to centric relation.

longualized The posterior teeth were reduced in number from 8 to 6. Masticatory forces are directed toward the ridge bilaterally in centric occlusion [ Figure 3a ]. Sear’s concept[ 1 ] Features Occlusal pivots were introduced by Sear’s. If the teeth are arranged in any other manner than described above, excessive pressure or pain ligualized caused due to lateral interferences. J Indian Prosthodont Soc ; The lingualized concept utilizes anatomic teeth for the maxillary denture and modified nonanatomic or semi anatomic teeth for the mandibular denture.

Articulation, balanced occlusion, nonbalanced occlusion. In organic occlusion The posterior teeth should protect the anterior teeth in the centric occlusion position. Lea and Febiger; Tilting of the bases occlusikn result if extreme gliding contacts are made [ Figure 3b ].


In the right lateral position, the buccal cusps on the working side are out of contact and the occlusal contact forces are directed toward the lingual side of the lower ridge.

In a right lateral position, only the buccal cusps on the working side contact if the path of the condyle is not parallel to the occlusal plane. Finally, the plane should fall at the junction of the upper and lingualizex thirds of the retromolar pads. Lineal occlusion concepts for complete lingualizeed.

The concept of neutrocentric occlusion as related to denture stability. Locating the line of occlusal contacts The linear ridge of occlusal contacts may be located in either of the dental arches.

Five year cephalometric study of mandibular linguallzed resorption with different posterior occlusal forms. The occlusal arrangement of artificial teeth, as viewed in the horizontal plane, wherein the masticatory surfaces of the mandibular posterior artificial teeth have a straight, long, narrow occlusal form resembling that linguwlized a line, usually articulating with opposing monoplane teeth. Moving the teeth lingually and altering their vertical position may not be compatible with the tongue, lip, and cheek function.

How to cite this URL: Advantages[ 3 ] Both the anatomic and nonanatomic forms are retained.