A2Billing invoicing could work in exactly the same way, using the same idea – a post-paid customer has an overdraft limit, while a pre-paid. How A2Billing Invoices and the Customers Balance screen, the balance column and how refills work. asterisk 2 billing platform. Contribute to xrg/a2billing development by creating an account on GitHub.

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In conclusion The key to understanding this is to regard the system like bank statement.

Mon Dec 31, Ingoice Feb 06, 1: Record cycle is started. Send an invoice, and when it is paid, mark it as paid. However, I really do not want customers closing invoices.

module for Invoiceing a2billing. just to get the invoice from a2billing

You say that customers should not close off their own invoices – I was thinking along the lines of customers being able to settle their account to current date. He invojce opt to close that invoice turning it from a preview invoice to an actual invoice. The prepaid customer is going to see what he used and paid for.

A2billint this is what Joe’s post suggest, it sounds good to me. Sat Feb 06, 2: Moreover adding search facility by lastname, invoice date, invoice no, account no etc on invoices page would definitely make invoicing even better.

No you clearly do not ivnoice the workflow described. This is what is used to allow calls or not, depending on your CB and credit limit.

Documentation page updated 11 June Matt. So people already familiar with it. The A2gilling carried forward comes from the total net charges, less the total net payments in the previous month. I think it will cause added support tickets requesting re-opening or correcting an invoice.

A2Billing : VOIP Billing, Softswitch & Calling Cards Software

A2Billing invoicing could work in exactly the same way, using the same idea – a post-paid customer has x2billing overdraft limit, while a pre-paid customer does not. Invoices During the billing process of a customer, 2 types of object are generated: Wed Feb 03, 5: The postpaid customer is going to see what he used and is paying for.


Can some of those items be consolidated under on menu or maybe removed? Flexibility in whether a customer is pre-pay or post-pay, simply by changing the credit limit of the customer – e. A2Billing is a class 4 and class 5 softswitch with inline billing, designed for providing residential, business and wholesale VoIP servicescalling cardscall-back and telephone number resale backed by our professional support services.

So giving this facility to the customer may not be a good idea, but I think it is something admin may require. In respect of the customer being able to close their own invoice, and given the number of objections to that feature in this thread, I do not think that is necessary now, and and may cause support issues, particularly if they keep pressing the button, they will end up with dozens of invoices.

The best place to start if you need help with a specific product is to contact the developer. This really works for me. Fraud prevention plugin to detect online fraud and therefore reduce chargeback.

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It creates an invoice for all charges created a2billung not invoiced since the last billing it’s possible a2billig a charge is not paid but invoiced by an other process. Regarding customers closing off their own invoices, I believe this is flawed and can produce unwanted results in the long run. I have recently this year decided to take the plunge and learn about Asterisk and then a billing system.

No changes can be made a2billign the outstanding balance unless a line is written to the transactions table listing that transaction inboice changed the balance. The amount of balance available will either be the value of money given to you by the customer, or it will be the credit limit you have given the customer, plus any money they have given you.


Initial indications show that there is a lot of work in doing this. We will come up with an estimate of how much work is involved after we get your comments. I am really happy that I have a real reliable system and now I have moved the most of work on it. In the payment screen, enter how much they paid etc and DONT create a refill. In the “close invoice” issue: I am not sure I understand the diff from option 1 or 2. There are 4 fields inoice today: I expect no one to pay an invoice that they have questions and a ticket will come if there are any.

I cannot think of any that are surplus to requirements.


The main rule to keep in mind is: Regarding the understanding, It’s very similar to a bank statement and also I’ve seen invoices from well established a2billinb companies using the same format. More after further digestion.

Our main concerns about rewriting this is the time it will take to implement this, and the a2billiny of instability that may be induced by what would appear to be minor changes on the surface, but in fact cause ripple effects elsewhere.

I’m not clear on that. Sun Jan 31, 5: Corrections can be made by adding a line credit or debit onto the invoice during the billing period, which is either negative or positive.

The balance from that invoice is recorded, and a new preview invoice prepared, with the first line being the balance carried forward a2billihg the previous month.